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What we do

We are skill fans and passionate IT recruiters! We love talents, we love interesting companies and we love bringing the right people together to enable personal and entrepreneurial development.


Our approach

Our canditates are carefully selected by our researchers and checked for their technical and personal skills as well as their experience and the willingness for new ventures. We also look carefully at the companies that advertise the job and the respective team in order to find the right candidate who can complete the team structure.


Our mission

Our goal is to find the perfect match, determined by your requested skill set, your ambitions, your cultural and organizational set up and the destination team. 


Looking for a talent?

We have a well-developed database of IT talents with a broad range of skill sets and levels of expertise. We serve you with our best efforts and great empathy for the required skills in order to recruit the right employee for your current needs.

We love recruiting for you.  


You are a talent?

We have a broad network and are in contact with large companies, medium-sized companies and start-ups. We are happy to support you in your professional development and in your search for new challenges in a new organization.

We look forward to getting to know you in order to provide you with the job you are looking for.


Do you need immediate help?

The corona crisis causes difficulties for many companies. With our remote IT specialists, we can provide you with appropriate and immediate assistance. No matter whether your webshop is overloaded or your own developers and administrators are currently unable to work because they maybe have to take care of the children. We are here for you.

We can offer you individual instant aid as follows:

  • Technical support
  • Help with scaling problems
  • Help with database problems (MySQL, Postgresql, Redis, Mongo etc.)
  • Help with the administration of (overloaded) web servers (Nginx, Apache)
  • Provision of entire IT teams (remotely or locally)


Your satisfaction is our goal!


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